Hello! I’m Kaitlyn — an award-winning professional freelance writer and amateur pizza maker.

I’m a freelance journalist, pet writer, and editor. I’m published in the American Kennel Club, Betterpet, LOCALiQ, Contra, and more.

What I’m good at: Engaging audiences through compelling storytelling, fact-checking, and managing multiple projects.

What I’m interested in: Solutions and service journalism, libraries, and pets.

What I’m listening to: Florence and the Machine, mostly.

What people are saying about my work:

Miranda C. editor

She is meticulous in fact-checking and consistently submits quality content on time. She has never missed a deadline and she is beyond passionate about journalism, media, and literature. Not only does Kaitlyn have a positive work ethic, but she is a great leader and team player. She consistently strives to improve herself, her work, and the morale of those around her.

Madison T. editor

Kaitlyn is a thorough and detailed writer with expertise in the pet industry. If you’re looking to work with someone who always hits deadlines, conducts thorough research, and is very easy to work with, then I highly recommend Kaitlyn.

Lori Z. editor and journalist

Kaitlyn is a savvy writer that can efficiently tackle any topic and never misses a deadline. Her focus and attention to detail shine through in her writing. I highly recommend her for any writing job as I know she can effectively communicate whatever is needed to any target audience.